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Ivan Yakovlev

After doing an undergrad degree at York University, I found myself looking at several career paths. I love being a mortgage broker in Toronto. What I do lets me make a tangible positive difference in people’s lives.

Money is a huge part of our lives. It also happens to be the most shunned part. Since April 2012, I’ve been helping people be on a First-Name-Basis with their Money.

Being on a First-Name-Basis with Your Money

Pick any major news outlet and choose a single weekly news cast at random. My guess is you would have no trouble finding a ‘doom and gloom’ article about the economy. Debt crisis, household debt levels, recession etc. … sound familiar? Has any such article ever made you change your spending behavior or make you reach for a calculator? I’d bet not. You’re not alone! In my humble experience, meaningful positive change and willingness to learn are seldom results of tabloid anxiety.

Knowing how debt works and how to avoid the bad kind is nevertheless important. For most people, their mortgage is the single largest loan they have. Most mortgages aren’t particularly complex and only have a few moving parts. If you were going to take a half an hour to understand your money, why not start with the single largest part of it.

It’s never too early or too late to learn about your mortgage. My consultations are free of charge and do not obligate you to doing any business with me.

Role of a Toronto Mortgage Broker

Despite popular belief, there are dozens of great lenders to choose from when you are getting a mortgage. Each lender will have several programs geared towards clients with various needs. In many cases you can choose from amongst several options when making your decision. A single bank’s representative will not, and in most cases, cannot offer you more than the few options their institution has. Legally, their job is to look out for the interest of their employer.

As brokers, we know mortgages very well because this is all we do. By and large, we aren’t forced to cross sell other credit and investment products. Because the majority of our business is centered on referrals, we tend to work in teams – allowing us access to other industry professionals and their expertise.

Being a mortgage broker, I can offer you choices even when your situation is seemingly tough or complex. This can range from having poor credit, being self-employed, or needing an unusually large mortgage; all the way to structuring secondary, commercial, cross collateral, and construction loans.

Being a Toronto mortgage broker means that your experience has taken you through every conceivable type of client and property. The size and diversity of the local market, means that a good mortgage broker in Toronto is often the first to gain access to new lenders and new program features. Investor capital comes to this city in search of investment opportunities. This is where mortgage brokers go to fund the more unique and complex mortgages.

The AMP Designation

The Accredited Mortgage Professional (AMP) designation is the only nationally recognized designation for mortgage agents and brokers. Holders of the AMP designation are required to be active professionals dedicated to continued education and a higher standard of industry practice.
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